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Wildlife Wonder #XXX

Wildlife Wonder #XXX

Wildlife Wonder #XXX

Wildlife Wonder #XXX

Wildlife Wonder #XXX

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Wildlife Wonders
are not just a collectible,

Our primary goal is to protect and preserve the amazing animals of the world and their habitats! We’re building a platform to accomplish this and so much more!

Wildlife Wonders are not just collectibles, they grant access to exclusive benefits and perks like voting, white lists, discounts, limited edition merchandise, and more! You are helping protect each Wonder through the seemingly small, but powerful action of minting each NFT as 15% of the entire sale is being donated to Wildlife Conservation!

This is your opportunity to make a difference! You'll earn valuable rewards and build a collection of adorable baby animal NFTs that represent your commitment to preserving the wonder and beauty of the natural world. Come join the Wildlife Wonders community today and become a champion of wildlife conservation!

Wildlife Wonders Wildlife Wonders Wildlife Wonders Wildlife Wonders Wildlife Wonders Wildlife Wonders

NFT Project and Community Scope

Minting a Wildlife Wonders NFT is taking stand for global wildlife preservation. Your NFT is your ticket into our exclusive Wildlife Wonder Community where you will have an active role in voting on upcoming projects & charities and gain access to massive perks & discounts you can read about below! You will decide where and how our community makes a positive impact on the world.

Your NFT actively helps with wildlife preservation and establishes a foundation to perpetually maintain sustainable positive change world wide.

› 15% of the entire sale of the NFT collection will be donated to a wildlife preservation charity.
› 15% of the entire merchandise sales will also be donated to a wildlife preservation charity.

We can’t mention who until the lawyers do their thing, but they’re awesome and we’re excited.

a lift of all the perks that an nft holder get for purchasing the wildlife wonders nft

This is a detailed description of all the membership perks of becoming a Wildlife Wonders Member
An adorable flamingo in the big city

Phase 1

  • ✅ Launch all social platforms (Discord, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube)
  • ✅Grow our community
  • ✅Roadmap and scope revealed
  • ✅Wildlife Wonders teaser/ NFT reveal
an adorable panda wearing a leather jacket in the forest

Phase 2

  • ✅Beta NFT Website
  • ✅Early Discord Community Access with leveling and perks
  • ✅Membership NFT reveal
  • ✅Announcement of NFT Drop date: June 5th, 2023
  • ✅First community prize announced
a majestic llama grazing in the mountains

Phase 3

  • ✅Donation recipient revealed The Coral Reef Alliance
  • ✅Massive Marketing campaigns to create awareness
  • ✅Community Merch Store unlocked (15% of merch sales donated to charity)
  • ✅Mint Launch
a magnificent moose in a fluffy jacket relaxing by the lake

Phase 4

  • NFT giveaway and competitions on twitter and discord to promote growth
  • At 50% sales exclusive NFT Merch store unlocked
  • Exotic Species Unlocked: (NFTs withheld from initial mint)
A beautiful lizard basking in the sun outside

Phase 5

  • At 75% sales, Eth raffle draw ($50 usd equivalent per draw) to be won by 10 community members.
  • Ramp up marketing and events
  • Further projects and expansion announced
An adorable monkey in the jungle

Phase 6 & Beyond

  • At 100% of sale, we donate 15% to Wildlife Charity
  • A WW NFT donated to Wildlife Charity
  • 15% of all Merch sales donated to Wildlife Charity
  • WW NFT holders decide next project/charity
  • Release Wildlife Wonders 2.0 Road Map
an adorable panda wearing a leather jacket in the forest

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Meet the Team

The Wildlife Wonders community members are champions of wildlife conservation!

Frequently asked questions

I bought a Wildlife Wonder NFT, do I need to buy a membership?


Your NFT is an upgraded elite membership pass to our community and comes with a multitude of benefits over a standard membership. You do not need a Wildlife Wonder Membership Pass.

What comes with the Wildlife Wonders NFT?

As a thank you for your contribution to wildlife preservation we will airdrop all initial Wildlife Wonder minters an additional early adopter NFT, which comes with many surprises.  All NFT holders are Elite Members in our community, which grants you the ability to vote on our next projects, roadmaps, and what charities we donate to. You have the ability to make a direct impact on our community and how we help the world. Another awesome perk is you will gain exclusive pre-public mint access to all future NFT projects.

As an Elite Member of our community  you will be granted additional access to exclusive Elite-only channels separate from the regular member channels. You will have access to a round table with other Elite members and the Wildlife Wonders inner circle. You will also know about announcements before they are made anywhere.

NFT holders will receive a 25% discount on all Wildlife Wonders Official merch as well as heavy discounts for all our partners. You will also receive an offer for a 20”x20” canvas print of your NFT at cost plus shipping. We want to reward your loyalty so you will also receive bonus entries on all of our prizes, giveaways, raffles, gifts, and more. So far this includes a NFT raffle, a random Wildlife wonder NFT air drop an Elite Member, Ethereum giveaways, merch giveaways, and so much more.

Once the initial sale concludes we want to meet you, so NFT holders will have an exclusive meet the founders event to be announced at a later date. Our goal is to build something bigger than any one of us could ever accomplish on our own and to help the world in ways we never thought possible. We have a list of ideas to keep NFT holders and members engaged and you will help us decide our next moes.

How do I create or "mint" an NFT?

To create or “mint” an NFT, you need to use a special website or app that allows you to upload a digital item and turn it into an NFT. This process is called "minting." Once your NFT is minted, it will be stored on the blockchain and can be bought, sold, or traded just like any other type of asset.

How do I buy NFTs on OpenSea?

To buy NFTs on OpenSea, you'll need to create an account on the platform and connect it to a digital wallet that supports Ethereum, such as MetaMask. Once you've done that, you can browse the marketplace for NFTs that interest you and place a bid or purchase them outright. You can also create a collection of your favorite NFTs on the platform.

What is the difference between ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs?

ERC-721 and ERC-1155 are just two different types of NFTs that use slightly different rules for how they work on the blockchain. ERC-721 NFTs are best for unique items, like a painting or a rare digital trading card. ERC-1155 NFTs are better for items that are more interchangeable, like tokens in a video game.

What is included in the public community?

You will have access to our announcements, roadmaps, official links, FAQs, public chat channels, membership sign ups and our merch store (once unlocked). You are probably interested in our project, but not willing or able to join the team at this time.That’s cool with us, we want you here and spreading the word about our amazing project.

Why have a membership pass?

Most importantly we want to reward and work with the most active and dedicated people that are motivated to make positive change in our world. Having a membership only channels cuts down on bots, raids, and“noise” in the public channels. Maybe you want to help, but are not interested in buying a Wildlife Wonder NFT.

This membership is designed for anyone who wants to  make a contribution to wildlife preservation, wants access to like minded people, discounts, and sweet merch.

What comes with the membership?

You will gain access to members only chat and voice channels, a pre-public announcement channel, Discord account leveling for additional rewards, discounts with our partners, official merchandise discounts, but most importantly you will be eligible for all raffles, prizes,giveaways, and events. We have a lot of these planned, including a NFT raffle,1 Wildlife wonder NFT air drop to a random community member, Ethereum giveaways, merch giveaways, and so much more. We are always adding incentives and perks for our members, our goal is to grow our community so we are focused on providing as many benefits as we can.

What is the bonus early adopter NFT?

We want to reward you for believing in us and helping with wildlife preservation. The early adopter NFT will be used as your community access if you decide to sell your Wildlife Wonders NFT. So hang onto this as you will retain all of the regular membership perks that our members have. You will be included on all new project whitelists and have all the access, perks, and benefits of a regular member, but you will not have voting capabilities unless you hang onto your Wildlife Wonder NFT.

What are NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain. They can represent various types of assets,such as digital art, music, videos, or even tweets. Each NFT is one-of-a-kind,and they can be bought, sold, and traded on blockchain marketplaces. This makes NFTs different from regular digital items like mp3s or jpegs, which can be easily duplicated.

Why are NFTs valuable?

NFTs are valuable because they represent a unique and verifiable ownership of a  digital asset. Since they are stored on a blockchain, their ownership and authenticity can be easily verified, making them attractive to collectors and investors.

What are some popular NFT marketplaces besides OpenSea?

There are several other NFT marketplaces besides OpenSea, including Rarible, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and Foundation. Each marketplace has its own unique features and user base, so it's worth exploring a few different ones to see which one suits you best.

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