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Discord Community Access Explained

  1. Public-members
  2. Members (membership holders)
  3. Elite Members -NFT Holders (Wildlife Wonders)
  4. Early Adopters
  5. Inner circle

This will be the standard community of people that join our discord from the internet through invitation, socials, marketing, or however they come in. They are interested in our project but not ready or able to join the team at this time. They will have to verify their account and will have access to read only channels and the general chat channel. Basic channels like updates, announcements, contact us, about us, etc that let the public know who we are, our mission and all the necessary links to become an elite or regular member. We do have a few public events planned to earn a free membership, free swag, etc.

This is our first level member that wants to get involved and participate in group events, be eligible for prizes, etc. These awesome people have purchased our Membership NFT and want to make a difference. The NFT will give them access to the multiple members-only areas. They will have a separate general chat and several other channels that Public-members do not have. They are part of the level up system and earn perks for leveling that include in discord rewards like badges and the ability to join future white lists, but also real life perks like free merch, etc. We have a ton of incentives and rewards planned so get ready for a pile of loot.

Elite Members :
The Wildlife Wonders NFT holders are our most prestigious group and are automatically upgraded to elite member status. They have purchased our Wildlife Wonders NFT, and will receive the most perks, rewards, and discounts. They will have their exclusive discord areas and channels separate from the other members, but also be able to participate in normal member and public channels. This group of members will be our decision makers for future projects or anything we want a community consensus on. They will be on any whitelist or any new projects and receive notifications before the rest of the members or public. They will have a roundtable channel where the group is composed of Elite members and the Inner Circle members so that they have a direct chat channel with just us.

Early Adopters:
Our goal here is to reward and incentivize our investors. One of the perks of minting a Wildlife Wonders NFT is you will receive a bonus Early Adopter NFT airdropped to you. This is limited to only the original minters of Wildlife Wonder NFTs. There is no way to buy this NFT initially and it is designed to be a reward for being the original owner of the NFT. This is a loyalty program for our initial investors, even if they’ve sold their Wildlife Wonders NFT. Early Adopters will have regular member level access in discord, however they will retain their whitelist status to be included in all our future projects. Early Adopters that have sold their Wildlife Wonders NFT do not have access to Elite Member channels and cannot vote on future projects or charities, but can still purchase exclusive NFT holder merch.  

Inner Circle:

This is literally for just the founders of the project to communicate with each other. No mods, admins, or elite members will have access to this channel.

Meet the Team

Fabrizzio’s Bio:

ENGLISH : Hi, I'm Fabrizzio, the talented artist behind the adorable NFT collection: Wildlife Wonders. Since I was a child, I've always felt a great fascination and appreciation for nature, this is reflected in my art, which seeks to capture the beauty & essence of animals and natural landscapes. In my free time, I enjoy the tranquility of fishing and being outdoors, playing sports or being in contact with nature, which inspires me and fills me with energy to keep creating.

ESPAÑOL:  Fabrizzio es el talentoso artista detrás de la adorable colección NFT: Wildlife Wonders. Desde niño siempre ha sentido una gran fascinación y aprecio por la naturaleza, esto se ve reflejado en su arte, el cual busca plasmar la belleza y esencia de los animales y paisajes naturales. En su tiempo libre disfruta de la tranquilidad de pescar y estar al aire libre, hacer deporte o estar en contacto con la naturaleza, lo que le inspira y le llena de energía para seguir creando.

Ruston’s Bio:

ENGLISH: Ruston is the quirky mastermind behind the project, development, and all tech related facets of this amazing adventure we call Wildlife Wonders. He has always been active in wildlife conservation; either by donating time to a charity event or cleaning trash & pollution from wildlife areas. Ruston is a firm believer in leaving this planet better than we found it and helping others any way he can.

ESPAÑOL: Ruston es la mente maestra detrás del proyecto, el desarrollo y todas las facetas relacionadas con la tecnología de esta increíble aventura que llamamos Wildlife Wonders. Siempre ha estado activo en la conservación de la vida silvestre, ya sea donando tiempo a un evento benéfico o limpiando basura y contaminación de las áreas de vida silvestre. Ruston cree firmemente en dejar este planeta mejor de lo que lo encontramos y ayudar a los demás de cualquier manera que pueda.

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